proAspekt is innovatve architectural practce in Belgrade, founded in 2003. by Prof. Vladimir Lojanica.

Proaspekt offers services in domains of architecture, interior design, urban planning, graphic design, model making and image producton. A team of creatve professionals develope ideas through concept and main designs, multmedia presentatons, consultng and on site survey. The grand variety of projects includes museums, commercial centres, hotels, office buildings and private houses around the world.

Proaspekt treats each project as a unique design statement, challenged within specifics of program and context. The extensive experience gained over the years, together with permanent relatonships with engineering firms and actve exchange of up to date knowledge, results in designs that are realized with technical expertse and great attention to detail. owner: Vladimir Lojanica, D.Eng.Arch, Associate Professor consultant: Milan Lojanica, Professor, Member of SASA

Marija Ćorluka, B.Sc.Arch, architectural design
Sonja Pešterac, B.Sc.Arch, architectural design
Marko Aracki, M.Arch,
Goran Prijević, B.Arch,